Our tools

The logbook

The nursery teachers use a logbook. It allows us to take notes of any important things happening in the child journey at the nursery. It also gives accurate information on his development and progress.

The portrait

Once a year, a photographer comes to take pictures of your children. This portrait immortalizes your child first adventure in our nursery.

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Team meetings are held regularly.
We avoid team staff changes in order to preserve your children from too many changes in their environment.

Carnival party

It’s organized every year (clown, make-up, streamers, balloons…). Children can dress up if they feel like it!

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End-of-academic-year snack

Each year we organize a party with the children, accompanied by their parents.

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We organize birthdays upon request of parents. A cake or two can be brought by the parents.

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The hairdresser

Pour les parents qui le désirent nous pouvons également couper les cheveux des enfants. (Beaucoup d’entre eux sont plus à l'aise avec des visages familier). Le coiffeur est souvent un moment pénible pour les petits.

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