We organize birthdays upon request of parents. A cake or two can be brought by the parents.

Birthday Parties

The weather is nice this morning.
“Happy birthday, Margaux! "
And yes. It’s my birthday today and I’m two years old.
Mom, get my things ready: a nice party dress and all the accessories with it. I'll be able to put on my princess shoes and my headband of light.
Dad told me there would be a party at my nursery.
Ding Dong !
“Hello Margaux! The ladies greet me while singing "happy birthday". Oh! Everything is decorated for me!
After lunch, the nursery teachers have prepared a surprise for me.
After the meal, it's hard to fall asleep because I’m so excited ... what's going to happen? I still end up taking my nap.
I just woke up. Laetitia prepares me and puts on my pretty dress. A little hairstyle touch-up by Mélissa and I'm finally ready for my little party.
When I get to the party room, Souad sits me down at the table. I’m so happy because I’m in the center. Noé and Lucie are very close to me. And I love that.
Oh! I get the big candle hat! Sandra puts it on my head. I feel like a queen. My friends also have a hat; it's very funny. On the pretty tablecloth, we receive a beautiful golden plate.
We turn off the lights, and here we go! “Happy birthday Margaux! Happy birthday Margaux!" Everyone is singing because it's a big day for me.
Laetitia brings in her hands a large chocolate cake. I blow out my candles and everything is magical.
I taste it with my finger, yummy! This chocolate cake is so good! I put it on my nose and it makes me laugh so hard.
I'm so happy to have a party with all my friends and in addition Mélissa takes pretty pictures of me.
The music starts and we all dance...
I had a great time! I’ll never forget this Birthday party, it was AWESOME!

Story written by Sandra Soria Lopez