Our educational project

It was written and created by us. It represents and explains our way of proceeding and acting in different stages of a child's life. Our project has been modified and redesigned over the years to make it as coherent as possible.

Familiarization period

It’s a time where meeting new friends promotes future relationships between the baby, the parents and the team... The challenge is to succeed in merging this multiplicity of links while ensuring that we recognize those that already exist.

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Evolving at their own pace

Allow the child to play by himself under the encouraging gaze of the adult. Let the child act alone, by not imposing our own wishes or our own rules.
Do not impose a position that he has not acquired by himself, or that he does not yet master, because this gives him a feeling of insecurity and doesn’t allow him to fully explore it’s environment.
The child learns to live inside a community and to share different steps of the day with friends.

Ritual moments

Discover our 5 ritual moments of the day

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Games and activities

Each week we work on a different theme. We use different tools (paint, drawing, glue…). We give parents the creations made at the end of the week.
The activities are offered to the children, NEVER imposed. The child is always free to go play if he doesn’t want to do it.
The playground is filled with fun and creative things: a corner for dolls, small cars, dinette, blocks, Playmobil and so much more.

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End of nursery / Beginning of pre-school

Like entering the nursery, the departure of the children must be smooth and well organized.
The child is prepared for it by his parents, but also by the members of the staff.
To allow the child and the staff to facilitate the separation, a small party can be organized with the other children the day before leaving the nursery...

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Empowering children at their level, trusting them, considering them as a person, letting them manage their time, space and relationships as much as possible, these are the major principles of our children's second home "Les Titis Bout'Choux".