End of nursery / Beginning of pre-school

Like entering the nursery, the departure of the children must be smooth and well organized.

The child is prepared for it by his parents, but also by the members of the staff.

"My last day at the nursery"

For several days now, at home and at the nursery, I’ve been told a lot about school; It's a whole new world to me. I’m told that I’ve become a big girl and that I should discover new things...
I’ve been in nursery for over two years and it is kind of like my second home. I feel good there and am surrounded by friends with whom we share many stories... The thought that I should leave, makes me sad and upsets me a bit.
A few days before I left, my nursery teachers, read me lots of books filled with pictures about school. They explained to me what we did there and how we spent our day there. I was rather reassured to know that there wasn’t too much difference with the nursery. But the thing that reassured me the most of all was that mom and dad would always pick me up at the end of the day. They also told me that I was going to meet new friends, kind like the ones in the nursery, and learn new things.
My last day at the nursery, Souad had installed lots of beautiful decorations and balloons in the main room. I was very happy when I arrived and proud of my big and beautiful cake. It was a special day; They had prepared a party just for me… All my friends and nursery teachers were there. They were seating near me. We played, sang, laughed and ate together; I was happy !
At the end, everyone was applauding for me. Mom and dad were also happy.
When I got home, I felt sad because I was going to miss my friends and nursery nurses. I kissed them all. They said I could drop by when I wanted.
My life as a grown-up was beginning, I was leaving, but I kept all the good memories I spent at the nursery within me.

Soria Lopez Laetitia