Our team

Come meet the team who’s taking care of your Titis Bout’Choux

Hello everybody,
Let me introduce myself, my name is Sandra. I’ve been a nursery teacher for over 15 years.
I’ve always been very passionate about working with the early childhood.
I’ve worked with children for a long time because, to me, it’s more a pleasure and joy than a job.
I like to feel useful, to make sure that each kid gets the attention and affection he needs.
I worked in different nurseries in Brussels. This experience has helped me recognize the needs of each child and to provide the appropriate response.
All these years have allowed me to develop certain qualities, such as, the communication with and between children from different backgrounds.
It's been a while since I’ve joined the Titis Bouts'Choux team. This nursery is for me, one of the best environments for the development of children.
Each child is given the opportunity to express his joys, fears, and sociability under the supervision of a loyal and confident team.
This warm and family atmosphere is by no means an accident.
I work with my two sisters (Laetitia and Mélissa), with whom I share the same passion.
I’ve always loved the world of childhood and sharing this passion with my sisters as part of the family project that we carry together at the Crèche Les Titits Bout’Choux is very fulfilling for me; It’s a real pleasure to work with my family and as a family!
Thank you


Hello everyone, my name is Souad, I’ve been working in the childcare environment for eight years now. Coming from a large family, I’ve always been surrounded by children.
My professional experience started in a nursery and primary school where I’ve worked for three years.
It has always been of great interest to me to welcome and animate young children. It’s a pleasure for me to contribute to their development and education. This closeness has allowed me to develop qualities such as listening, being creative and patient.
A year after having my first child, mothering made me want to orient myself towards les Titis Bout’Choux. A strong desire to help see little kids evolve towards autonomy.
It was at "Les Titis Bout’Choux" that I was able to make this desire possible. It has been several years now that I’ve made my contribution and added my experience to this nursery.
I really like this little family cocoon. Multicultural, friendly, where good humor and joy reign; the attention given to children, confidence, security, collaboration with parents, and the development of very young children are its major assets.
That's why every morning I come and participate with pleasure in discovering new things; yes, at "Les Titis Bout’Choux", no day is alike.

A passion since always...


Je me présente, Anna, j’exerce le métier de puéricultrice depuis 2010 dans la crèche «Les Titis Bout’Choux ».
As far as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to work in the early childhood field, to ensure the well being of children and their good development.
During my academic studies, where I did several internships in different nurseries, as well as my 9 years within the team of "Titis Bout'Choux" I’ve been able to acquire the knowledge that I needed in order to exercise my profession the best as I can.
Caring for the little ones, means ensuring that they can grow up and evolve towards independence. Through games, awakening or creative activities, helping them discover the world around them while giving them freedom of action and experimentation.
Being able to make this dream come true, and being part of such a close and caring team for the comfort and development of children. Along with the confidence and silent thanks that I can read in the eyes of parents, it’s a great privilege and personal feeling of accomplishment.
Thank you.