Games and activities

Each week we work on a different theme. We use different tools (paint, drawing, glue…). We give parents the creations made at the end of the week.

The activities are offered to the children, NEVER imposed. The child is always free to go play if he doesn’t want to do it.

"I like the games we do at the nursery"

Every morning when I arrive at nursery with mum, I am always anxious to know what we will be doing...
And yes, I like meeting my friends, my nursery teachers ... but I'm especially curious about what we'll do during the day, because I really like the activities done in the workshop.
Each week, Laetitia, offers us a new theme to observe.
This week we’ll be discovering the primary colors.
What I like about this activity is that Laetitia lets us experiment with different tools like brushes, paint sponges, magicolors, pastels, colored pencils, glues, and many more.
It's awesome! I can put on a little apron and focus on my masterpiece.
Sometimes for other weeks we have the freedom to do whatever we want, not being forced to work on the same theme. Laetitia calls that, “free creations”; I like that name a lot, don't you?
Other times, a boyfriend doesn't want to do any activity, which I can't understand, but Laetitia says it's okay and he can go play somewhere else, if he prefers...
As for me, I love it!!! And I'm even prouder when Mom or Dad collects everything I did on Friday to show Grandma! So grandma, very proud of me, gives me lots of tickles all over my body.