The hairdresser

For those who wish, we can also cut your children's hair. Many of them are more familiar with our faces than going to a real hairdresser.

This helps relieve tension.

My first haircut

This morning, like every morning, my mother drops me off at the nursery.
When we get there, mom asks Sandra if she could tell her where to go to get my hair cut.
Indeed, I’ve been rubbing my face for several days now because of my hair, which stings my eyes.
Sandra looks tenderly at me, smiles and lets mom know she has the solution. While they discuss it, I run to meet my friends.
In the middle of the game, I see Melissa coming towards me, all smiles. She asks me if I would like to play a little game with her. Are you kidding me? I love playing! Without hesitation I nod, a little curiously and followed her.
She sits me on a large chair and on the table in front, places a lot of small toys. She puts on me a big cape like the one superheroes wear! Then, she starts cutting my hair and it’s quite relaxing.
"Are you ready for little tickles?" She asks me.
I answer her “Oh yes! "
"I’m going to make those little bits of hair that annoy you disappear. "
All of a sudden, small strands of hair fall on my nose; It's true, it does tickles a bit, but I'm not afraid because I know Melissa well. With her, I feel confident.
After a few minutes, Laetitia brings me a mirror and to my surprise, my hair doesn’t tickle anymore and it looks great. And I’m so happy to be going back to play with my friends.
At the end of the day, daddy comes to pick me up. As soon as he entered, when he looked at me, he said to me full of joy: "How beautiful you are my boy! A little shy, I smile a little, but I'm proud of myself, especially since I'm with my classmates...
Melissa then gives dad a small envelope containing a few strands of my hair, she said, keep them in my scrapbook.
Well, I think my first hair cut went pretty well, don’t you?

Story written by Melissa Soria Lopez.