End-of-academic-year snack

Each year we organize a party with the children, accompanied by their parents.

Last day at the nursery snack.

Today is the last day of the year at the nursery. My friends and I are all excited; a big party is about to get started ...
We will invite our moms and dads for a snack! So everything has to be perfect.
We have already installed a large tree; we have attached beautiful balls and decorations of all colors.
With our nursery colleagues, we running all over the place doing our best to organize everything. In addition, we brought out our most beautiful tablecloths; how beautiful our party will be, I’m so excited!
While Léa and Sophie prepare the fruit salads with Souad, Tiago and I cut the brioches with Laetitia.
Sandra and Melissa are preparing the coffee and the juice.
Everything is ready! We quickly get our make up done before their arrival.
That's it, it's time, I can hear the doorbell ring ...
Ah! It’s Cléo's parents; she is delighted! The bell rings again, Maya and Alexandre's parents are here!
Oooh I'm starting to get impatient ... and “voilà”, mom and dad walk in. Finally ... I jump into their arms, so I'm so happy.
They barely have time to say hello to everyone when I hasten to direct them to my favorite place, the library. I am happy to show them our best books. Sophie and Maya show everyone their doll corner. As for Alexandre, he never leaves the kitchen and his dinette.
Moms and dads have stars in their eyes. We finally have the opportunity to introduce them to our little world.
Our nursery colleagues take the opportunity to tell our parents about all the progress that has been done and how much fun we and the kids had.
There we are, enjoying our delicious snack, all together, sharing our best moments at the "Les Titis Bout’Choux" nursery.

Story written by Mélissa Soria Lopez