The portrait

Once a year, a photographer comes to take pictures of your children. This portrait immortalizes your child first adventure in our nursery.

The photographer.

Mom : Leo !
Leo : Yes, mom !
Mom : We're leaving soon.
Leo : Great !
Today I put on a nice shirt. Mum styled me like daddy, I'm so handsome.
It seems that a photographer will come to my nursery. I promise, I'll give my best smile.
Ding Dong.
Finally, there we are. Wow! There is a great decor in the room!
Oh! what is this great light? I step forward. And I jump into Sandra's arms.
I’m proud because I’m so beautiful today.
Oh, let's start with Camille. She is very pretty too. She sits down with her pretty dress on the cushion.
This photographer is so funny. He makes jokes and strange sounds with his mouth. My turn, I want to take my photo.
Great, it's my turn now. I step forward and sit down. The photographer makes me laugh so hard.
It's funny all those faces he makes. I see lots of flashing lights.
Oh, he's showing me my photos on his big camera. It's magical to see me in a picture.
I think mom and dad will be happy. I’m a big boy now. I didn’t even cry, it was quite the opposite, I laughed a lot.
It was a great activity.
I can't wait for someone to come get me so that I can tell them everything.

Story written by Sandra Soria Lopez